Problem in sorting author names in Library

I have used EndNote since the very first version, and I now use X1 (bldg 2377), with an iMac G5 using OS X 10.5.4.

I am having trouble sorting author names in the Library window.  The sort works on last names and on the first letter of the first name. But after that, names are not sorted alphabetically.  For example,  Smith, George comes before Smith, Gaddis, but then is followed by Smith George again.  I’ve fiddled and diddled with the sorting preferences and nothing seems to improve the situation.   For better or worse, I have entered author names last name first, then a common, then first name.  BEcause my library is large–about 11,000 entries–with common names it’s exceedingly irritating to realize that the first names are not sorted properly after the first letter of the authors’ first names.

What am I doing wrong?


Jon Butler 

We’ve just had the same problem the solution for us was

sort (from the tool bar)-> sort by author first -> set to a-Z

and then the key change was to change Sort languge from “System Default” to “English”

for some reason even though the system default language was English we still needed to set it here.