stop abbreviations of organization/association names. ie. US. Bureau of the Census or American or Institute of Medicine

Whenever I enter an organization as the author for a citation Endnote abbreviates it.  For example, the Institute of Medicine becomes “Medicine, I. O.” 

I have found that inserting double commas beforehand prevents the abbreviation but then in the citation “,” shows and in Endnote when references are sorted by author those with “,” have a blank author field, making them difficult to find in my library.

Is there away to stop this sort of abbreviation while still being able to sort by author and eliminating the “,” from showing ??


In order to have EndNote distinguish organizational names from names of people (hence causing the abbreviation), add a comma in the Author field like this: 

U.S. Bureau of the Census ,

Thank you!

Thank you! I have been struggling with this forever!

Thank you

thank you so much, you saved my next two hours