Style file for Transportation Geotechnics journal (Elsevier)

Anyone has the Style file for Transportation Geotechnics journal (Elsevier).

Please send me.



Please provide link to the author reference instructions so we don’t have to explore and find them and even copy the relevent section.  Once I found it, I don’t really have the time to look.  


Journal abbreviations source
Journal names should be abbreviated according to the List of Title Word Abbreviations:


to handle abbreviations – check out this 

Below is a very unusual Author, Year style, as the year is way back with the volume number even though the citations are author, year.  how confusing.  I couldn’t find one like that in my collection.  

Reference style
Text: All citations in the text should refer to:

  1. Single author: the author’s name (without initials, unless there is ambiguity) and the year of publication;
  2. Two authors: both authors’ names and the year of publication;
  3. Three or more authors: first author’s name followed by ‘et al.’ and the year of publication.
    Citations may be made directly (or parenthetically). Groups of references should be listed first alphabetically, then chronologically.
    Examples: ‘as demonstrated in wheat (Allan, 2000a, 2000b, 1999; Allan and Jones, 1999). Kramer et al. (2010) have recently shown …’
    List: References should be arranged first alphabetically and then further sorted chronologically if necessary. More than one reference from the same author(s) in the same year must be identified by the letters ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’, etc., placed after the year of publication.
    Reference to a journal publication:
    Van der Geer J, Hanraads JAJ, Lupton RA. The art of writing a scientific article. J Sci Commun 2010;163:51–9.
    Reference to a book:
    Strunk Jr W, White EB. The elements of style. 4th ed. New York: Longman; 2000.
    Reference to a chapter in an edited book:
    Mettam GR, Adams LB. How to prepare an electronic version of your article. In: Jones BS, Smith RZ, editors. Introduction to the electronic age. New York: E-Publishing Inc; 2009. p. 281–304.
    Note shortened form for last page number. e.g., 51–9, and that for more than 6 authors the first 6 should be listed followed by “et al.” For further details you are referred to “Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts submitted to Biomedical Journals” (J Am Med Assoc 1997;277:927–34) (see also
    Reference to a website:
    Cancer Research UK, Cancer statistics reports for the UK., 2003 (accessed 13.03.03).

Elselvier’s Public Health Forum is similar to your needs.  It may need a bit of tweaking though.  

Public Health Forum 2-2016.ens (12.3 KB)