Style for Public Administration Review

Hi guys… I am preparing a manuscript for Public Administration Review (PAR) which uses the “Chicago 15th B” style.

However, in this style, I cannot find the correct template for creating a bibliographic entry for a “Government Document”.

I would like to modify the “Chicago 15th B” in order to add a template for “Government Document” that will generate output that looks  like this:


U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO). 2006. Title Title Title. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office. GAO-06-844T.


Can you please direct me where to find the full syle for Public Administration Review or how to create a template for “Government Document” (under Chicago 15B) that will produce output bibliographic records such as the above?


Thank you very much.

Can you tell us what fields each of the items is stored in? 

when editing  the output style>click on reference types and click on Government Document, to have that listed.  Then I usually start by copying the “generic” and work from there.  So far I would have  rearranged and edited to something like this:

 Author (separate field). |Year|. Title.| City|: Publisher| Congress Number.


Author (or should it be Department???): U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)


???:  (GAO) (Is this a part of the above, or a separate field?) (I recommend a separate field)


Year: 2006.


Title: Title Title Title.


Place Published: Washington, DC:


Publisher: Government Printing Office.


Congress Number???: GAO-06-844T