How to change case of a specific field

Using Endnote X4: Using output style Harvard, ref. type: Government Document.

For some reason the field ‘Department’ displays in all caps.

I can’t seem to find a way to change this … help!!!

Harvard out of the box (at least the copy on my machine), doesn’t have a bibliography template defined for Government Documents Ref Type, so someone must have added it, or the field is mapped in the Generic template somehow.  Please attach the output style.  Does it happen with another output style? Check that the field itself in the record is not in all caps? 

Thanks for your quick response Leanne.

I have just checked the Harvard style on my PC (which I have not modified), and it does have a ‘Government Document’ reference type, and the Department field is also in all caps. The Government Document  type does not appear in the list of bibliography templates, so I assume this means when used it defaults to ‘Generic’.

I have double-checked that in the particular reference the Department field text is not in all caps.

In my modified Harvard Copy style (attached) I have specified various fields in the Government Document bibliography template, but there is no way (that I am aware of) to specify capitalisation.

I don’t know if this is relevant but I see that in the field assigment dialog (attached) for Government Documen, Department is assigned to the Secondary Author field.
Harvard Copy.ens (23.2 KB)

Leanne: further to my last post, I tried modifying the reference type and assigned a custom field to ‘Government Department’. using that new field instead of the existing ‘Department’ field in the Biblio. template fixed the issue.

It seems that capitalisation is tied up with the author fields (‘Department’ being assigned to ‘Secondary Author’) - makes sense I guess and that also explains why you had to put a comma after the Department name to stop it being treated like an author name and giving you e.g.

GOVERNMENT, D. O. I. T. R. D. A. L. (ed.).

instead of

Department of Infrastructure Transport Regional Development and Local Government