Style Update

Hey, I have integrated an old word document which was created susing Endnote X3 or earlier with a new document which uses X4.

No matter how many times i try to update the styles, my old references do not update in the text e.g. my previous style was authors names in small caps, whereas i now do not use caps apart from first letter.

If i remove the reference and re-insert, it is the correct style, however this will be a long process.

Can anyone suggest if it is possible to reset all of the references to the same format, or do i need to remove and re-insert all of them? Seems strange older version are not compatible with X4 if that is the case?


As long as the references are in the library you are using, you should unformat all the refs and reformat.  They should all then update correctly.  Make sure that this is on a copy of the manuscript.  If some of the the cited references aren’t in the current  library, Go back to the original file and try to export the traveling library to a new library and use that to reformat with both the current library and the traveling library open.  Or try formatting with the current library, ignoring any not in it, and then close current library and refomat with the traveling library.  If you can’t export the library, then you may have to re-insert or re-import the missing citations. 

Many thanks, unformatting and reformatting worked nicely.

Much obliged.