I m working on a someone else document and i want to insert a citation, but i don’t know what was the style he was using. is there a way to find it so i don’t have to try all the endnote catalogue of style. As well, when i put a new citation on the document it starts a new list of reference. I would like to know how i can resolve that problem by applying the modifications i m making to the old list of reference. Thank you for any help. 

I am assuming that the endnote codes are still present?  I am very worried that the document may already be corrupted if you are generating a new bibliography. Are you using the same versions of word and endnote?  Make a copy before doing anything to it. 

In the document is there an output style listed on  the Endnote ribbon or format bibliography menu?  That would be the one your colleague was using.  If you (or endnote) tries to use it and you don’t have it, it will generate a dialogue asking you to pick a different one.  You might turn off CWYW immediately upon openning the file, so Endnote doesn’t automatically run. 

Do you have access to the colleagues endnote library? Can you export the endnote traveling library from the document?

My colleague told me the citation and references in the document wasn’t generated using Endnote. That’s why Endnote doesnt recognize the citations and generate a new list of references. My question now would be, if there is a way to integrate the citations and the list of references link to them in Endnote without doing it manually citation by citation.

That sort of depends.  How are the citations cited?  numbered? or author, year?  There are tricks, but none are simple…

oh and in what field?  Are there databases you can download the cited references from.  Really not easy to convert a list in a publication to an endnote record. 

The citations are cited in numbered format above the text. The list of references contain more than 400 entries…

I discussed with my collegue and we think that i should find the styles and do it manually for each citation again ! Hoping i won’t have to do that.

Health fied. I won’t have to put the references manually as i have acces to the database where i can download the references.

Are they cited alph or in appearance order? 

If in order, and you retrieve them in order (or maybe use a custom field to add their number to for the time being). you might be able to get away with converting the numbers to be preceeded by a # and separated by ;.  Then they should find the right record number (which is auto generated).