Style not found


I am using myendnoteweb with an institutional subscription and we are looking for the style of “Journal of Cancer”, from ivyspring editorial which is not available. I found the .ens file (ivyspring.ens)  but I can not found it in the list of styles from Endnote online. 

These are the parameters of the Journal:

Use the sequence: [Author surname] [Author initials], [Other author surnames & initials]. [Article title]. [Journal name abbreviation]. [Year]; [Volume]: [First page number]-[Last page number].

  • Journal paper must have journal name (or journal abbreviation), year, volume and page numbers.
  • Please make sure that the year of publication is not missing.
  • Please use “:” to separate volume and first page number.
  • Do not bold or italicize the title, journal name, or any part of references. Omit any “.” in the journal abbreviations.

Could you updated it so it will be available in EndNote online? Is there another similar style that had been already uploaded online?

Thanks a lot in advance