Subject Bibliography: Custom sorting of headings

We are using EndNote X3, and want to create a subject bibliography using the Reference type as subject heading. Our headings are as follows:

Book, Conference paper, Journal article, Patent, Report.

I would like to have these headings appear in the following order in my bibliography, regardless of how many items are included under each heading:

Journal article

Conference paper




Is there any way that this can be achieved? The only means of sorting the layout of a subject bibliography seems to be  Alphabetical or by the term count.

You can achieve a custom sort by first modifying the Reference Type template tables before generating a subject bibliography.  The purpose of the modification is to add a number (corresponding to your preferred sort order) to the reference type name so EndNote will focus on sorting numbers and not the reference type name.

To modify the reference type templates:

  1. Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, PREFERENCES which will cause the EndNote Preferences window to pop-up.

  2. In the EndNote Preferences window, click REFERENCE TYPES [see Image 1).  Then click the MODIFY REFERENCE TYPES button to access the Journal Article reference type. Since Journal Article is the first group you’d like to appear in the bibliography, rename it to: 1 Journal Article.  Click the OK button when completed. 

  3. Click the MODIFY REFERENCE TYPES button again and locate Conference Paper which is the second group to appear on the bibliography.  Rename it to: 2 Conference Paper. Click the OK button when completed.  Continue renaming the remainder reference types, making sure the number preceding corresponds to the desired order you want the grouped references to appear on the bibliography list.  When you’ve finished modifying the necessary templates, click the OK button to close and save the modifications.

  4. Now generate the subject bibliography (See Image 2).  Go to the toolbar, select TOOLS, SUBJECT BIBLIOGRAPHY.  The “Subject Fields” window is displayed. Select the field REFERENCE TYPE then click the OK button which will cause the Subject Terms box to appear.

  5. In the Subject Terms window, click the SELECT ALL button (notice the reference types are sorted in the proper order). Then click OK.

  6. The resulting bibliography is generated (see Image 3).  Note you will need to manually remove the extraneous numbers appearing in the header.

Thankyou very much for taking the time to post this work-around which is a good idea.

Does anybody know if it is possible to sort the bibliography in a word document by Journal Name alphabetically (not by author(s) alphabetically)?  Alternatively, is it possible to print a selected list of references by journal name? They can obviously be sorted according to journal name within the programme but I can’t see any options do this when printing a selection  or create a word bibliography. 


If you select a style, you can edit the sort order under Bibliography>Sort settings.  There you can use Other and select the fields you wish to sort by.  First Journal for example, followed by your second cirteria, etc. 

(added in Edit-- of course you then need to save this style to a new name, so you can use it, to print directly, the style selected in endnote is used, to export to a file, you select the correct style in the export dialogue dropdown.)

Is there any way to the same alive? IN the way that reference lists could be updated according to new references in text?



Yes, that is exactly what an edited output style would achieve.