Order references by custom-ordered reference type

Hi all, 

I’m trying to compile publications lists in particular groupings using X7. I want to set the output style  bibliography sort order to to move into word by reference type, then year.

Currently, they output by reference type, but this is alphabetically (e.g., book, book chapter, conference paper, creative work, generic…) and then by year in each group. However, I’m required to order them in specific groups (ie. books and editied books, book chapters, journals, conference proceedings, conference papers, reports, articles, creative works…) which are not alphabetical. 

  1. Does anyone know of a way I can do this, other than manually copy/pasting the refs into the correct order in word?
  2. Also, anyone know of an automated way to insert a heading before each reference type pubs in word? 

getting them in the order you want, means using another field with an “a” for books and edited books, , b for chapters, c for chaptes, etc   in the order you need and sorting on that field.  You can choose to use one of the unused custom fields, and need to name them in the Preferences, reference types, modify and add the name “sort” for example.  Then you need to edit the output style to sort via this new field.  

Not sure I know how to get header titles in there though.  don’t do this enough.    

What you could do is to:

  1. Modify your output style, so the bibliography is sorted by Year (see image 1); and
  2. Use Endnote’s “Categorize References” feature to a) create and specify the category headings, then b) drag-and-drop the references into the corresponding category. (See image 2.)

The resulting bibliography with categorized headers/references and sorted by year is shown in image 3.
image 1_modify output style.gif


I forgot about that newer feature!  Thank CG