Subsequent keywords after semicolon not imported

I have a problem with an import filter I have created. It does import everything correctly, except for multiple keywords separated with semicolons. EndNote only imports the first keywords and discards any subsequent keywords. In the filter template I have inserted just the ‘Keyword’ field and no automatic field editing is done in this field.

Does anybody have an idea what might cause the problem? Thanks for your help.

EndNote X3, Windows Vista Business

Could you provide screenshots/links/.enf file of the source data and the filter template?

Sorry for the delay. I just realized that the keywords actually are imported correctly but that I can see only the first keyword unless I hit some key in the keyword field.

Field display after import:

Field display after hitting enter after ‘Autriche’

Is this an intended behavior? Is there an option to change this? Or is it a bug?

Thanks for the update. Your situation might be unique to you/your filter or it could be a bug so suggest you contact Tech Support: