keywords of major focus

I have a problem concerning the import of Embase-text files in endnote:

I want to import results retrieved from embase-searches in endnote and than identify major topics by searching in endnote for major topics.

When I make a text file of the Embase-results I clearly see which keywords are of major focus (indicated as EMTREE MEDICAL INDEX TERMS (MAJOR FOCUS)), however, if I import the results in endnote I don’t see this anymore. When I import the text file with an embase filter (Embase DS, Embase DL or, no keywords are shown at all. If I import a RIS file I can see the keywords, but no distinction between keywords with/without major focus is made.

I guess I should make a new import filter but I realy don’t now how to do so…I already tried several times but everytime something goes wrong.

I hope someone can help me!


If keywords aren’t being imported you’ll need to check the filter and search results text file (.txt) to confirm whether the “tags” appearing in both the filter and text (.txt) file are the same or not. Both sources must have matching tags to enable successive importing.

The EMBASE_DS import filter (see attached image) seems to use two “tags” for keywords: DE and ID. You’ll need to check your search results saved text file (.txt) to see whether the same (or different) tags are being used.  If different, then you’ll need to correct the tags in the import filter.  Also check the text file to see how and whether the  EMTREE MEDICAL INDEX TERMS (MAJOR FOCUS) appears as it may indicate the filter may need further adjusting.

Attaching a sample search results text (.txt) file would be helpful for the forum community to examine.

You can also engage Tech Support or use the “suggest” link from the filter page, if you don’t have the time or know-how to edit the filter. 

Thnx! I will try it,

I attached a sample of a search result.

Actually a csv-file seems more appropriate for the work I’m doing, Is it possible to make filters for csv-files as well?
records.txt (2.75 KB)

Not very easily, because each line isn’t “tagged” in a way that can be easily parsed during import. 

Thanks for the sample text file. After looking at the layout, I’m using  the EMBASE.COM filter to illustrate the issue as the filter’s tags more closely resemble the headings in your sample text file.

Based on your sample text file, the reason why the assorted keywords are not importing into your EndNote library is because the headings (tags) in the text file (e.g. EMTREE MEDICAL INDEX TERMS (MAJOR FOCUS), EMTREE MEDICAL INDEX TERMS, EMTREE DRUG INDEX TERMS) are missing from the EMBASE.COM filter.  (See Image1 for the marked tags/headings from the sample text file.)

To update the filter to accommodate the missing tags:

1.  Copy the heading/tag from the text file (e.g. EMTREE MEDICAL INDEX TERMS (MAJOR FOCUS)) and paste it in in a new line beneath  the “Tag” column (see Image2). [Note: Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, IMPORT FILTERS, then locate and select the filter.]  

2, Now tab over to the right and type-in the word Keywords as the “Field” name. 

  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to add the other two keyword-related tags (EMTREE MEDICAL INDEX TERMS, EMTREE DRUG INDEX TERMS) to the filter then close the filter to save the results.

The underlying idea for the modification is to have the tags/headings from the sample text file present in the filter to enable importing the search results into an EndNote library.