x64 support?

I’d like to suggest that Endnote add support for its full functionality on 64-bit versions of Windows (XP x64 and Vista x64). 

I have tried Endnote X1 fairly extensively on XP x64 and had to shut off cite while you write, because some kind of incompatibility that essentially bogged down my Dell Pr690 workstation, making it nearly unusable.  (And that is not so easy to do, as this unit has two twin-core 2 Ghz Xeons and 16 GB of RAM.)  This effect appeared whenever Word 2007 was open, due presumably to Endnote’s modification of the default Word template.  A less extended test on a Dell M65 running Vista x64 seemed to produce similar results.

Uninstalling CWYW and trying to go back to saving things in rtf format and using the batch mode do build references and the bibliography was onerous enough that I quit using Endnote actively except for on an five-year-old Dell backup system that has 32-bit XP. 

The problem for the software authors, of course, is that at present the 64-bit market may be too small  to justify the use of scarce resources for this purpose, relative to other enhancements they might produce.  On the other hand, 64-bit is clearly the wave of the future, and this change will be needed at *some* point. So, I make the suggestion, and would like to hear what other users and the authors think.

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EndNote version X2 is fully compatible with Windows XP & Vista 64 bit systems. EndNote runs in 32 bit compatibility mode - just like MS Office 2007 does. See: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/products/HA101668651033.aspx

In order for CWYW to install and work as a Word Add In, EndNote needs to run in 32 bit compatibility mode as Office 2007 does not support 64 bit plug-ins.

Jason Rollins, EndNote Product Development 

In light of Jason’s reply, I suggest that you work with support to figure out what is the problem, as it will become important as the wave continues, to ensure that this is dealt with!

Those of us who may graduate to x64 machines will want to know if it can be resolved?

Are there other users on x65 machines with similar experiences?

Actually, I am trying the endnote X2 in Vista 64+Word 2007, or in WinXP 64+Word 2003.  I believe the lagging issue is not fully fixed yet. If you keep the word open, you can feel the lagging in any other 64-bit programs. It is not the case when the Word is off. for example, IE x64 and firefox x64. It seems that 32-bit programs have much better response now.

The workaround for the previous versions posted on the endnote web site does not help, either.

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I do not believe this issue is fixed yet as there are no fix or uptates available for endnote x2 on the thomson website.
I have endnote x2, Vista business x64 and office 2007 on an Asus P5Q with 4GB ram and c2d E8400, a responsive and stable system alltogether.  

As long as I have a document open without any endnote in it, everything works fine. I can alt+tab and use the start menu without any delay, however, when I open a document with a few endNote citations in it, everything jams down, I can not use my startmenu without a minute delay and neither can I alt+tab to change applications. Word however, does work fine, even with endnote, it is everything else that stops working… This is not a viable situation, the application becomes virtually unusable when it is not possible to even open a web browser when writing… Please can someone from thomson take care of this? It would be good to know at least if someone is working on the issue…

Have you tried submitting this to tech support?  You are more likely to get a response, than from the usergroup. 

Is it?  Why then does the Endnote website still state:

"6. When using EndNote’s Cite-While-You-Write tools in Microsoft Word 2007 on a PC running Windows Vista x64 edition, you may find that Word crashes. For example, you may not be able to open any word documents without crashing. We are aware of this incompatibility, but we have not identified a workaround that prevents this crash. You would need to disable the EndNote CWYW tools to avoid this problem. "


Is it?  JasonR, why then does the Endnote website still have this notice:

6. When using EndNote’s Cite-While-You-Write tools in Microsoft Word 2007 on a PC running Windows Vista x64 edition, you may find that Word crashes. For example, you may not be able to open any word documents without crashing. We are aware of this incompatibility, but we have not identified a workaround that prevents this crash. You would need to disable the EndNote CWYW tools to avoid this problem.


This sounds like Endnote X2, Office 2007, and Vista 64 bit are not compatible.   However, you state that they are “fully compatible”.  Please clarify. 

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Could we be informed about the actions that Thomson Reuters wish to take to solve this problem on x64 machines? I have EndNote X2 on a new i7 Core based machine and see the same problems reported by the others. Unfortunately, we spent 2 days of work to understand that the problem was EndNote.

I personally do not depend on EndNote and I switched in the past several times. If this problem will be not solved soon, I will switch to other tools ad try to convince our university to do the same considering that our new machines are x64.

Hope to get some feedback.


Dr. Alessandro Esposito
Laser Analytics Group - Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
University Cambridge

PS: also the work around suggested in the FAQ simply does not work with me (Win XP Pro x64 + Word 2002)

P.P.S.: I installed X1 that should be compatible with Word2002. Result: even with the workaround described in the FAQ, my computer became non usable! Because I do not have garanties that EndNote would work on Office 2007 on my platform, I am obliged to abandon EndNote.

It is a shame

Subsequent to my original post, a bug was discovered in the CWYW plug-in for Word that causes performance issues with 64 bit version of Windows. We are still working on a fix for this. Based on all of our tests, the main EndNote application and all other associated files, filters, plug-ins, etc. are all fully 64 bit compatible.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Dear Jason,

I would like to confirm that the X2 version is working properly when used independently from Word. I appreciated the afford to synchronize with web resources (still to be improved, but good direction) and smartphones started with the X versions. This is why I would regret to move away from EndNote.

I guess that acknowledging the problem with the plug-in and declaring that you intend to work on a fix, makes most of us happy enough to keep waiting a *little* longer (considering I already paid the license anyway). I hope we’ll get a fix soon and we’ll be back to be satisfied with the product.


CWYW is a major integrating feature between reference databases (Endnote) and word processors (Word 2007).

It has been close to a year now with the 64 bit “bug”.  What the ETA on a fix?  Also, will this patch be incorporated into X2, or will it be in a different version?  Please be as specific as possible.

Really, it is amazing why Thomson Reuters has not corrected this problem yet.   Endnote used to be the gold standard reference software, but I think this issue has caused many people and universities to start looking elsewhere (such as Biblioscape, Bookends, etc)

Hi, Jason.  Can we please get an update on progress fixing this bug?  (Even if the answer is “none” it would be better to know something.) I still experience the slowdown in other programs whenever Word2007 is open on Win XP x64, as long as Endnote X2 is installed and CWYW is activated.  I am running on Dell workstations (from a PR670 to a T-7400), which have multiple CPU’s, most with multiple cores, and RAM starting at 16GB and going up to 32GB.  I am able to work with the Endnote slowdown (no crashes so far), but the effect is quite noticable, and sometimes I have to shut Word in order to get other things done. I supported the recent purchase by my campus of the University of Minnesota of a site license to X2, so it would be nice to find out if you think this will ever get fixed.

Thanks, Steve

We are working on a fix for this and plan to offer an update for EndNote X2 to include this as well as roll the fix into EndNote X3.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team


Do you have an ETA when the fix is about to arrive? All of the 64 bit computers needed to have Endnote removed due to unusability.  Thanks.

I agree.  It has been well over a year now and no fix in sight, only continued talk of a potential fix.  At the rate that is appears to be going, it is likely that Windows and Mac will have newer operating systems before the next release or patch, which brings up another question:  will Endnote X2 be compatible with the next Mac OS or Windows 7?

There is no need to remove EndNote X2 from any machines running 64 bit versions of Windows. Here is what our tests have found:

  • There is a performance issue related to EndNote X2 CWYW on some 64 bit versions of Windows.

  • The issue only impacts a very small percentage of users running 64 bit versions of Windows.

  • The issue isisolated to the CWYW plug-in for MS Word - all other components of EndNote X2 are fine

  • Temporarily disabling the CWYW plug-in solves the performance problem in nearly all cases.

We hope to have a fix publically availble very soon.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

With the call for beta testers for X3, any word on the patch for current X2 customers having problems with CWYW in a Word 2007 / x64 environment?