Switching from APA 7th to Chicago style help

Using EndNote 21, I need to change from APA 7th to a Chicago style in my thesis. I have understood that simply changing the format style in the document is not enough as all my citations then disappear. I saw an earlier guide from 2010 to manually change the Chicago script but it didnt work either. Is there no way for my already cited references to be automatically converted to footnotes as citations, or do I really have to change every citation to a footnote manually? Any help soon would be much appreciated.

Blessings on your dissertation!

I’m afraid the APA to Chicago is tedious, but not as awful as it sounds. 1. Convert a few and confirm the format EARLY in the process. The Chicago style has variations, and the latest endnotes doesn’t get any of them exactly right. You’ll probably need to edit the style, but that’s far better than editing all the notes after you think you’re done. 2. The process is straightforward, but best done with unformatted citations. Go to each one, insert a footnote, then insert the citation(s) in the note, and delete the curly bracket. 3. Use a split screen so you can see the notes at the same time you are adding them. So long as everything is on the screen, the process goes pretty quickly.

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Yeh I encountered some issues of formatting but thank you for the answer!

Reach out to tech support. They have in the past provided a macro to convert in text citations to footnotes. There may be one in the archives here too, but I recommend going to the support team.

This thread has a macro. Make sure you read all the comments after the macro for some other trips and tricks.

ALWAYS make a copy of your manuscript first, in case it messes things up.

In case this is useful - my standard method for changing a citation format/bibliorgaphy output is:

  1. Save document [Original]
  2. Save a version of document with new name indicating new bibliography option
  3. In that new document, revert all citations back to Endnote codes
  4. Save the new document [First waypoint document; has ‘live’ codes]
  5. Open a new version of waypoint document, and remove old bibliography output at the end of the paper or chapter.
  6. Run a new Endnote bibliography using the new output format
  7. Save that document with updated name.

The goal is to ALWAYS have a reversible step to go back to. I know Word and other wordprocessors insist that you can easily roll back to earlier versions of your document, but when it’s your dissertation, you do NOT want something to go wrong with anything. EndNote and the earlier Reference Manager did not always play well with Track Changes, since it’s essentially two different programs throwing XML code at each other with your hard work stranded in the middle.

Best wishes for your thesis and the next parts of your career!


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