Chicago--How do I get endnotes to appear?

When I switch from APA bibliography to Chicago–all the page numbers that were in the brackets disappear and all I have is a Chicago bibliography.  I would like to have the Chicago style endnotes plus bibliography but would settle for author-date.  But as is, I lose all page references and have no endnotes/author references at all.  Help!

I think you must have selected the Chicago 15A style. That is a footnote style. You can’t automatically change from in-text citations to footnote/endnote citations with EndNote.

If you select the Chicago 15B style, you should get in-text citations, similar to APA

May I follow up?

How do I get footnote/endnote style citations to appear?

When I choose “Insert Footnote” -> then “Find Citation” -> then insert a citation, the citation appears twice: once in the footnote, and another is automatically added to the bibliography at the end of the document. Is there a way to suppress or disable the bibliography so that each reference appears only once?

2nd question. If I create an additional citation for a reference in footnote style, I’m using “Insert Crossreference” -> “Endnote” with [Endnote Number]. That works, except I then have to manually superscript the cross-reference. Plus, the tooltip doesn’t show that it’s managed by Endnote (the program). However, if I insert an additional endnote, then insert a citation, I will end up with two identical citations.  How do I create a second citation for the same referenced item?

3rd question. Right now, the list of endnotes is formatted like Word usually formats endnotes: using a special style with a horizontal bar on top, like so:


1 …

2 …

How do I get it to format the way I need it:


1 …

2 …

without severing the link between the endnotes’ content and the Endnote program?

These are all things that are very natural in BibTex, the citation program I normally use, but in Endnote they appear to requires hours of fiddling (if they are possible at all.)


answer to item #3 is a bit of easter egg functionality: In Word 2007, Choose “Draft” view. Select “References” -> “Show Notes”. Choose “Endnote Separator” in drop-down. Edit as needed.