Sync Multiple Libraries

I am a recent convert from Sente and I am very disappointed that I cannot sync/share multiple libaries.  The Mac version allows you to make multiple libraries but not sync them.  As a user who has multiple projects this is an essential part.  Also I would like to be able to share specific projects with others without haivng to share my entire library.



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while you can’t share multiple libraries, you can share groups of references, which is a part of your second request so you can share parts of your library online with others.  

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Here is the share description:

Here is a you-tube video about sharing groups.

Syncing multiple libraries is a great idea!

I just posted a request to share group sets with endnote desktop with the same idea in mind. I want to create group sets for specific projects to share with my colleagues.

Either one would work. Both would give the freedom to chose how to work. Syncing multiple libraries would open up the possibility for shared project libraries with multiple group sets.

The endnote web option is just not an alternative since it is missing group sets and the possibility to share attachments which are both dealbrakers for me.

I would also like to be able to sync & share multiple libraries to keep the literature sets for different projects separate. A ‘share groups’ approach would also be fine, but only if my collaborators could work with the articles in the shared group within the Endnote Desktop app, rather than being stuck with the much poorer UI of the web-based EndNote interface.