Sync multiple libraries desktop to endnoteweb

Hi every one,

I would like to know if it’s possible to synchronise more than one library without  merging the references ?

For example, on my desktop, I have  “Library_Topic1”, “Library_Topic2”,“Library_Topic3”, etc… 

If I synchronise Endnote desktop to Endnote web my “Library_Topic1” and then “Library_Topic2”, It will merge the references from both libraries.

I would like know if I could have on my Endnote web “Library_Topic1”, “Library_Topic2” as it is on my Endnote desktop.

I hope that my request is clear.

Thank’s for your reply.

You could create a group for each library. For example, create a group and name it “Library_Topic1” then add/copy all the references from that library into the group. Then sync (if you’re using X6) to EndNote Web which will “hold” the references within a group (named “Library_Topic1”.  Repeat until all groups/references are uploaded to EndNote Web.

Thank you for your suggestion, I will try this.