Sync problem with Endnote X7.2


I’m just updated to X7.2 for few hours…The serious problem then happened. I cannot sync my Libraray to online. This may be about the change of my library folder path. However, I tried to change the folder path in the preferences but it is not allowed me to change. So…Please fix this issue ASAP.



I have a similar problem.  I can Sync, but I want to change the Library that I sync to.  When I try to change the library, I find that the Sync preference pane does not allow me to change, the field is not editable.

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The best instructions I have found to start over is here. – 

I found that with a large library and lots of PDFs though, I had to resync afterwards 3 - 4 times  as things kept timing out.  Eventually it completed and uploaded all the attachments.  


Unfortunately i recently signed up for the Endnote online sync service. Ever since then I have not been able to work on my PhD because it keeps freezing. Does anyone know how I can turn off the online sync. It is so fustrating. 

In the endnote program,  select Edit>preferences, sync and turn off the “sync automatically”  option.  you can also delete the email address and password fields.