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In order to try to solve the horrible slowdowns in ENX8 on my Macbook Pro, I moved my libraries to a folder that is not synced with Dropbox. That hasn’t worked entirely but whatever. However, I noticed that my files are now not syncing to Endnote Web. Not at all. Problem is that I can’t change the library to be synced in the EN prefs; it keeps pointing to where the library had been prior to the move. This is pretty dumb that that field can’t be edited and resynced and is hardly mac-like. Thoughts? At this point, I was only using EN Web for rare iPad access (the iPad app is pretty useless for the most part), but still, why can’t that file location be changed? No, the answer isn’t to move it back and have ENX8 become even slower than it is now. Thanks.

I recommend you call Tech support to get the instructions on how to change the location for the synced library.  I haven’t ever seen them publish the method for a Mac, just know the best way to do it on a PC (reg edit).  

To contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1


Contacted them via email. First they said it wasn’t possible then they gave some instructions that sadly don’t work. So I’m waiting for follow up.

Did they suggest this, which I just found ? 

(the link has an screenshot too)  


Re: How does one change the sync library in Endnote X8? 

‎07-23-2017 10:44 PM

On Mac, the preferences saved in path ~/Library/Preferences/com.ThomsonResearchSoft.EndNote.plist

you can edit it by Xcode and change the Value of ‘SyncLibraryPath’

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Nope they did not. I suspect none of them even know what xCode is. Seriously.

Thanks. Will certainly give that a try. Much much easier than what they suggested, which wasn’t possible, BTW (still waiting on their response…)

Addendum: just did it in BBEdit.Works perfectly. Thanks so much-should’ve occurred to me.

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