Won't sync with web & library location

Hello there, I have two (related) issues

I’ve just updated to Endnote 8.1 for Mac (OS Sierra) and have just started to use endnote web.  I can’t work out why my Endnote won’t sync with the online version.  I’ve updated the desk version with new references and gone over to the web version and they aren’t there. 

In addition I recently moved my library from Dropbox to my harddrive so the endnote library path is incorrect (I have unticked the Sync Automatically box. I moved it because I’ve been told it’s not secure to keep files on the cloud.  This raises another issue - if I download a pdf on one computer where do I save it so that it will be accessible on a second computer? \

Any assistance would be welcome.  Thank you


When you move the library, Endnote is still linked to the original version, if that is where you set up Endnote online to interface.  You need to contact support, as I don’t know how to change this on a Mac.  I think you want to ask them about “resyncing” it or changing the location of the linked library in the system.  

On a PC it requires a regedit.  http://community.thomsonreuters.com/t5/EndNote-General/Not-syncing-with-endnote-web/td-p/61719 

and how did you move it?  – Did you copy it and did you copy both the .enl file and the .DATA folder? 

see https://support.clarivate.com/Endnote/s/article/ka1390000004b8GAAQ/EndNote-Moving-backing-up-or-transferring-libraries-to-another-computer  and https://support.clarivate.com/Endnote/s/article/ka1390000004cclAAA/EndNote-Description-of-the-Data-folder-that-accompanies-enl-library-files