Synchronization between different computers

This would be a great function if developed, the current web online is not a good choice, which only permit you transfer the local db to the web, so oblivious duplication happened if you transfer it again, as well as it will take much time to do the transferation.

Right now I am using the dropbox, but sometimes the dropbox will introduce the db damage problem, so I have to use a flash disk to synchronize the db among different computer, like my laptop or desktop at home and office, it’s really a frustrating job.

So really really hope there would be a official protocols to figure out the Synchronization issue.




Duplication will not occur when transferring from the same library and web account in either direction after the first transfer. A unique identifier is assigned between records when they are transferred the first time so that subsequent transfers update the records appropriately. Duplicates can occur if you’re transferring from a different library with the same records - this may be the scenario you describe with the flashdrive.

If this is not what you are experiencing, please contact technical support. There may be a different issue or a modification needed with your workflow.

Regarding synchronization, we are looking into it. Many thanks for the feedback.

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team