Tab delimited issue on Endnote 20 exporting to Excel (Mac)


Has anyone else experienced a problem exporting references from EndNote 20 to Excel (version 16.74) on a Mac, where instead of each heading (eg: author, title, etc) going into a new cell the same row as it is supposed to, many of the headings end up in the same cell (and few items end up in different cells below, in the same column).

The same problem happens when I customize an output style (eg: where I put Author → Title → Year → URL). All these headings end up in the same cell. It’s as though Excel doesn’t recognize the tab marker as signifying the need for a new cell.

Any thoughts on how to fix this problem? I’m not sure if the problem is with EndNote or Excel.


Is it different reference types? I think if a header is empty it doesn’t work right.

Column Headers for Excel Export see this if it helps frame the problem?

In the end, my problem was happening because I was pasting it into Excel incorrectly. I was pressing command-V to paste. Instead, the correct way to paste was to use the Paste Special option in the Excel toolbar, and select paste as Text (not HTML, which was the automatic setting).

Thanks for taking the time to respond!