Export using tab delimited - some fields not corretcly exporting

Hi all,

I’m using Endnote x7.0.1 on Mac OSX 10.8.5.

I have made a new output style to enable me to export (or copy formatted) my library into excel.

I keep having a repeated problem. Data from some of the fields isn’t aligning in the correct excel columns. It seems to be fields where there is already a paragraph mark in a field to separate data (e.g. author field, keyword field) - default formatting from the database I imported the records from.

I have tried changing the fields in the output style to exclude those that are continuously troublesome (e.g. keywords), but there are other fields that I do want to export that are also affected. Same problem with filtering out those erroneous column entries once in excel, I loose data from some fields that I do want.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how to get around this? .Is there some way to select all references in library, and find and remove paragraph marks from fields?

before exporting, Make a copy of your library, and then you can use the Edit, “find and replace” option to replace a carriage return (available from the “insert special” drop down, upper right (at least in the Windows version) and replace it with another character.  For example in keywords, maybe replace with semi-colon, space.  In the Abstract section, you may just want to run it all into one paragraph. 

or edit the export output style to insert a unique character at the end of  records, and search and replace the ^p with a space in the output file and replace the unique character with a ^p before importing it.  This should remove any random paragraph marks from within the fields and restore the paragraph at the end of each record.