Tag system

replace the group system with tag system, where users are allowed to add tags to refs and tags will appear on the left, solving the problem that users need to add one reference to different groups, showing refs of different other features with one same feature (tagged)

Hi, I think replacing the group system is not a good idea, because I and most likely a lot of other people use them frequently. But why not add a tag system “MY TAGS” parallel to “MY GROUPS”?

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… and a way to include tags and Custom/Smart Group names in an Output Style (or a report to generate a list of tags and Custom/Smart Group names for multiple references).  THis very helpful for statisitcal analyis of publication libraries by tags and custom/smart groups.

I guess that is what I use Keywords for – and create smart groups based on keywords, and then usually “hardwire” the smart group contents by copying and pasting them to a regular group or subgroup.