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The template for APA citations has been changed in EndNote X1 and now I am not able to edit the citation in Word 2007 to show the page number.  Although I have a page number added to the edit citation dialogue box, it wont show in my document.  How do I correct this please?

Hello Kay,

The latest version of the APA 5th output style that we provide definitely provides the Cited Pages information.  After you add the page citations, you may have to format your bibliography to make the change appear in your citation (select Update Citations and Bibliography from your EndNote ribbon tab).

If that still doesn’t work, switch to EndNote and go to Edit > Output Styles > Edit “APA 5th”, then select Templates (the one underneath Citations, not underneath Bibliography) from the left-hand menu.  You should see this:

(Author, |Year|, p.^pp. Cited Pages|)

Do you?

Thanks Mike.  There was nothing showing under the citations template.  I have added the information you provided and it all works  now. 

Many thanks


I have the same problem with my APA citations, which don’t show the “p” before the page number.  I double checked my citation template, and it does correctly show: (Author, |Year|, p.^pp. Cited Pages|)

Why doesn’t it print accordingly?



Does it show the “little circle” non-breaking space between the p.^pp.*Cited Pages ? 

The cut from endnotes is  (Author, |Year|, p.^pp. Cited Pages|)

On my screen I  can see a little  starish circle (if you look close, it’s really four dots arranged as a trapizoid) before the “p” and before the “cited pages”

There’s also a plain ‘dot’ before the line before Year, and another between Cited and Pages.



Perhaps you can attach your style so someone on the forum can look at it.  (the add attachment option is under the “Tags” line in a reply window, at the bottom) as I can’t reproduce your problem with that set up.  If you unformat the reference does it look like this? {Birnie, 1983 #70@2-20}?


I’ve noticed that when I un-format a citation for some reason, but I always type mine in as {Birnie, 1983 #70 2}.  I NEVER use the ‘cite while you write’ feature, so I don’t see the formatted result until after I’ve run my first bibliography.  At that point, the program does seem to put the @ sign into the citations, whether I’ve typed them in that way or not, but I’m not sure that it does so consistently.  Maybe that is something I should watch for?

APA 5th.ens (48 KB)

There is a definite difference.  The way you are doing it, is putting the page numbers in as “suffix” and that would ignore the “Cited Pages” which is a “field” and are designated by the @.  I am sure that is what is causing your inconsistency.  I would think that without the @ there, you would not see the p. or pp. being used at all, or that the whole p.^pp. would be seen (probably if non-breaking/link-adjacent and forced separate characters were not correctly placed)?

You can see the different options, if you right click in a formated reference and “edit citation” then look at the more option.  Prefix and Suffix would used to say something like (See Smith et al, 2009 for a review) while the “pages” would be the “Cited Pages”.

I guess I should have known the @ meant something important and not just ignored it, huh? It didn’t exist when I first started using Endnotes.  (I suppose I could also have read the new instructions that came with an upgrade.  ;-)  ha! )  Anyway, I’ll start  incorporating the @ into my citations, and I’ll bet everything is nice.   thanks!