term list for Education

Please consider adding a Term List for Education. You might use titles included within Education Source (EBSCOhost), ERIC, and PsycInfo. Thank you.

Not exactly sure what you mean.  You can always construct a terms list. (from tools in Windows X7 for example) and then you can link that terms list to any field.  If you mean a Journal like columnar list,  then that is more restricted.  I suspect incorporating this in the program, “for everyone” would not be feasible, since everyone’s needs would probably be different? 

Yes, I mean the journal titles list. I’m interested in having something like what you have for medical journal titles under Tools > Define Term Lists > Journals.

I would think that a lot of researchers would benefit from having a journals list specific to the field of Education. Could you please point me to instructions on how to create my own journal list? Thank you.


This thread and associtated links show how to apply it to journals. You can edit a terms list too.  Beyond that, I am not sure I can advise as I haven’t used it for another purpose.  Could the education field be mapped to a “journal” equivalent generic field?  – I don’t know.  

Oh – and this KB article: 


Thanks for Innformation.


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Its a great to find the List of Education and Jobs at one place