Term manager and an imported library

I have just imported a large RefMan database (> 6000 entries) and have a problem with the format of the journal name. Many of the journals have odd punctuation, e.g. full stops, but no spaces between words, and I am struggling to create an output style that can cope with this, e.g.

J.Am.Coll.Cardiol which then appears as JAmCollCardiol in a bibliography. I cannot get EndNote to remove the full stop and replace with a space. 

I am aware that it would be better to use a proper tems list, so I have tried deleting the old term list and importing new term lists. However large numbers of my references (100s possibly 1000s) are not recognised as these particular punctuated forms are not listed in the abbreviations. I can manually correct the ones which aren’t recognised, but it would take a long time. So, I was wondering if anyone had experience of this and how they got around it.

As an alternative, I am also trying to clean up the journal names term list in RefMan (before conversion). However, that is a whole other thread.

BTW I am using EndNote X7.

Thanks :slight_smile: