Term List Manager & Imported errors from Scopus


I was using Reference Manager for 10 years, and I had problem when I imported references from some databases. I’ve been told that EndNote is more developed by Reuteurs. So I change for EndNote since few months (and convert all my databases…).

I’m surprised that the possibility to purge, deleted, edit terms in list are not present in EndNote. I managed 10 databases contening more than 8000 references each, and we have internal terms. So i’m happy to see that I can search in my own terms list (indexed into EndNote, not in Reference Manager), BUT, no way to purge, clean this list, group the authors, group the terms… It’s a step back !

Second, I now import from scopus without problem of punctuation or accent BUT the journal name for french journal are not imported well. For 1 reference on 2, I have the translation of the article’s title instead of the journal name in the field journal name. So I was spending time into reference Manager to correct the accent, and now, I spend time into EndNote to cerrect the journal name :-(.

If you have solutions for that, I would be happy !