Tertiary Title Abbreviations

The style guide I am working with calls for academic book series to be abbreviated. So I have added these series to the Journals Terms List. When I cite a book with a single author, the abbreviation works fine. e.g., David J. A. Clines, _The Theme of the Pentateuch _JSOTSup 10 (Sheffied: Sheffield Academic, 1997). However, when I cite an essay in a work with an editor (i.e., a reference that is listed as a book section) the series will not abbreviate, e.g. J. A. Emerton, “The Date of the Yahwist,” in In Search of Pre-exilic Israel Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Supplement Series 406 (London: T&T Clark, 2004), 107–29 (it should abbreviate to JSOTSup, as above, but it doesn’t). I have already linked “tertiatry title” to the Journals Term List, but am not sure what more to do.

I did do a quick search and a number of years ago someone asked the same quesiton, but there were only two replies, neither addressing the question.

Does anyone know how to get a tertiary title to abbreviate? Thanks.