the problem with author author et al., year

I followed the steps previously suggested and made sure the output style. But it didn’t work properly. Need solution to fix the problem with (author, author et al., year). I need the output style (Author et al., year).


Please tell us or attach the current output style you are using.  I am guessing it is the Author-Date.  I suggest you try Cell, or the attached, modified Author-Date.  

Author-etal-year.ens (16 KB)

The selected output style is “APA 6th copy” both in end note and word. I customised as APA 6th copy to get rid of Initials. I want to use the APA which show one author and abbreviated et al. like (Hien et al., 2001) but it is showing (Hien, Giang et al., 2001). Need suggestion on this matter. Thanks.

Attach your customized style, so we can have a look, but the settings are in the Citation: author lists.  see attached image, APA starts out with 6 in the first box.  Reducing it to three will still show Smith and Jones, but 3 or more will be truncated to Smith et al.  You should also check the ambiguous settings in the choice above, to ensure that the style is not adding additional authors to when the citation could be ambiguous.