Problem with , et al in text


My in text references are showing as Smith, et al., 2005 instead of Smith et al., 2005.

How do I get rid of the comma after the author’s name?


Check the citation “Authors Lists” option of your output style:

  1. Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT [name of your style].

  2. In the style’s dialog box locate the “Citations” heading and just below click to select: Author Lists.

  3. On the right of the Authors Lists options, for both the “Abbreviated Author List - First Appearance” locate the “and  abbreviate with” phrase and in theadjacent  text box delete the comma so the phrase is: et al.      Repeat this for the “Abbreviated Author List - Subsequent Appearance” if applicable.

  4. Close the style to save the changes.  The changes will be saved as a copy so you’ll need to change both EndNote and MS Word to use the output style file copy.

Great, thank you so much for your reply.

I’ve tried up to step 3 a few times and was disappointed when nothing happened, so this is exciting!!

Problem now is step 4 - where do I find the copy? I’ve had a look at the Output files and it doesn’t mention a copy there…


Oh thank you so much!! I had a few more tries to find where the copy was located and I found it!  Thanks so much!!! REALLY appreciated!!

Thanks!  It’s rare to catch an error in Endnote, but at least this one is easy to fix.