The same reference is duplicated and distinguished in the reference list although it is only one in the library


I’m using Endnote on Mac, and I am having one reference (exactly the same author from the same year) duplicated and distinguished as (a and b), although it is not duplicate in my library. I would appreciate any advice to sort this out. Thanks.

Have you tried to make a copy and “convert” >to unformated citations and then update citations and bibliography? It may be that one of them was a duplicate since deleted with slightly different entry of the author information, and is now coming from the “traveling library”. Going thru an unformat/update should prompt for one of them to be replaced by the library version.

If you edit one of the citations and select “more” at the bottom, it should show you each citation and where it is coming from in the library column. If others have inserted citations, then many may come from “travelling library” you may just want to find and replace the one that is causing the problem, and copy the citation from one to the other to harmonize them.