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I’m using the traveling library for endnote proveded by my university to write my thesis from home with the formatation Harvard(BourneU). Now, when I cite the same reference multiple times within the document a a,b,c and so on will appaer behind the year. How can I stop the programm from doing so? I just need it to be the year.

To be clear, they are linked to the same reference in the online bibliography, so it’s not because of multiple sources or something like that. 

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What do you mean the travelling library provided by your institution?  Do you mean the Online copy of your library? 

Can you zip your document into a file and attache the zip file, so I can see the formatted document.  

Hi Leanne,

well it’s called EndNote Online Library in Word. So I ‘collect’ my references on myendnoteweb and then cite them in Word.

I have now noticed, that the a,b,c’s only get added when I edit the source reference online. Because I missed a space or the is unnecessary spaces in the title. After the edit it only appears as one ‘reference’ online, but in word the a,b,c’s appear in the citation itself as well as in the reference list. 

I have saved, closed and even restarted my mac several times, to see whether that would help. but it didn’t.

As the document includes sensitive information, I’m not able to upload it, but I have included a screenshot of part of my reference list with endnote (the widget?) open. Hope that helps.


Screen Shot (408 KB)

So the problem lies with the “real” travelling library that is embedded in your document.  When you edited the original record in the online library, it no longer matches the ones already cited in your document.  You can make a copy of your document, and on the copy, “convert citations and bibliography” >  to unformatted citations.  Now “update citations and bibliography”.  It is likely that endnote will prompt you to select the correct reference from your library to match the first citations that you inserted prior to the correction in the library.  

Things should now look normal, with no additional copies of the reference in your list or the appended a,b,c for the unique reference.  

that worked!! :smiley:

Great, thank you!

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