Thomson Reuters Ships EndNote X4 for Mac OS X

==Thomson Reuters Ships EndNote X4 for Mac OS X==

–Popular bibliographic management solution now adds references from full text PDF files, addresses new journal style requirements, and more–

Philadelphia, PA, London, UK, August 23, 2010 — Thomson Reuters today announced the immediate availability of EndNote(R) X4 for Mac(R) OS X, the bibliographic management and publishing solution used by millions of researchers, librarians and students worldwide. With EndNote X4 researchers can import and search PDF files, collaborate more with EndNote Web, use new Cite While You Write™ features and more.

“EndNote X4 for Mac OS X introduces new efficiencies for users including the simple drag and drop of PDF files that saves multiple steps while building their research library,” said Keith MacGregor, executive vice president, Thomson Reuters. “This and other new features such as the enhanced interoperability between EndNote and the ResearcherID author community furthers our commitment to provide solutions that automate processes whenever possible, enabling users to focus on their research and writing instead of the technical details.”

=Create new records from PDF files=
Users can now import a full text PDF—even a folder containing multiple PDF files—to add new references with the full text attached. Mac users have the added advantage of being able to drag a PDF file onto the EndNote icon on the Dock to add a new reference to their library. EndNote extracts basic bibliographic information using the Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) and CrossRef(R) data to create new records in a reference library. And, PDF files are now searchable in EndNote providing users with greater depth in exploring their reference collection.

=Simplify collaboration with EndNote Web=
EndNote users can access their references anywhere and collaborate with colleagues using their EndNote Web account. Researchers can transfer up to10,000 references between the desktop and Web and search shared groups when selecting references to cite, making it easy to collaborate with others on research projects. Reference lists can be sorted by Times Cited, date added to the library or date modified to locate references quickly. And authors can use EndNote Web to manage their personal publication lists for the free ResearcherID ( community, where members are identified uniquely. References stored in the EndNote Web group are visible instantly in the public community where citation metrics are provided by Web of Knowledge(SM).

=Use new Cite While You Write features=
EndNote X4 introduces new formatting options for citing scholarly papers properly. EndNote links in-text citations to the bibliography automatically in Microsoft Word—with or without hyperlinks. Users also have increased options for formatting footnotes with customizable short forms as well as full support of the APA 6th style including a multiple author ellipse. The new combined Edit and Manage Citations command consolidates the most frequently used functions in one Cite While You Write window. And, users can view a report of references cited in a Word document with a new auto-group in the EndNote library.

=Other features of the new version include=

  • Create new groups by comparing, combining and suppressing existing groups.
  • Modify references easily in the new Quick Edit tab on the main library window.
  • Edit references when comparing duplicates.
  • Expand library retrieval results by adding wildcards within search terms.
  • Cite While You Write in over 4,500 journal styles.

For more information about EndNote please visit

=Pricing and Availability=
EndNote X4 is designed for Mac OS X and Windows XP, Vista and 7. The list price of EndNote X4 is $299.95 USD. Students in North America can purchase EndNote X4 for $115.95 USD with a valid student I.D. For a list of international distributors, go to Special upgrade prices are available to owners of previous versions. EndNote X4 is now available from Thomson Reuters, college and university bookstores, and authorized resellers worldwide.

I just installed Endnote X4 for Mac. 

What about X3? Can I simply throw away the X3 folder that is in my Applications folder? Or is there a special uninstaller program I’m supposed to use?

Also, Endnote X3 is still listed in my Word 2008 Tools menu. But there’s no reference to Endnote X4. Has everything installed correctly?

I installed EndNote X4 on my new iMac.  Using Pages, I opened a manuscript I’ve been working on.  EndNote opened automatically when I clicked on an in-text reference.  Then it crashed.  Immediately, EndNote X4 reopened.  Then it crashed again.  It went through a couple dozen iterations of crashing and reopening so fast there was nothing I could do but watch.  Right now I have given up on it.  When I come back to the computer tomorrow, I suppose I’ll de-install X4 and return to X3 until the issue is resolved…assuming that I’m not the only one experiencing this problem. Anybody else having this problem?

I just duplicated your issue and mine didn’t crash. However, I did find the answer to my issue above, and I wonder if it relates to your problem.

Evidently, you need to completely delete the Endnote X3 folder in Applications before installing Endnote X4. I deleted the X3 folder, emptied my trash and reinstalled Endnote X4. Now “Endnote X4” shows up in my Word 2008 Tools menu as it correctly should. I can insert citations just fine.

I switched to iWork Pages '09 and can insert citations there, too. Everything is working fine. So far, so good. 

I’ve just installed Endnote X4 for MAC and it is crashing every single time I try to open one of my endnote libraries with more than 100-200 references containing pdfs attached. It shows a message “updating pdf index” and then, several minutes later, crashes.

I’ve supposed I will return to Endnote X3 too, until  Thomson Reuters presents some kind of solution to this issue, because Endnote X4 is just not stable enough to be used.

Best regards,

Reinaldo Bazito


I was having the same problem as you (crashing during ‘updating PDF index’ step) following the upgrade from X3 to X4.  I followed the instructions of the several previous posts (i.e. removing the installed program, emptying the trash, and reinstalling), and my problem was resolved.  Perhaps it will solve your problem also.

Good luck,

Kevin & Reinaldo,

I’ve just installed EndNote X4 and it crashes every time I open it, after displaying the message “Updating PDF index”. I did remove EndNote X3 before installing the new version and emptied the trash. I repeated the process twice, without success I use the program since version 2 and have never seen such a big failure! Anyone more with the same problem? Any hope to hear from Thomson Reuters about this issue? Guarino.

We have had a few isolated reports of this issue and are investigating. If you can send your sample libraries files to Technical Support, we can assist you further:

If your library is compressed or saved as a package (.enlp) file, you can just send that. If you have just the library .enl file and associated .Data folder, we would need both. You can create an archive of the .Data folder before sending to Technical Support.

Jason Berman
Customer Technical Support Representative

Healthcare & Science

Thomson  Reuters

+1 800 336 4474

ResearchSoft Product Support

I’m having the same problem.  I just upgraded to X4 for Mac and when I try and open the main library I work with it crashes the program almost instantly.  It can open other libraries.  I would be happy to send the library in to be looked at, but the data folder is 1.15 GB, so I’m not sure how I can do that.  Please let me know what to do.  Thank you.

Do you all have a timeline on compatibility with Word 2011? Currently, Endnote X4 is not recognized, so any kind of dynamic citing is impossible. Technically , you have about one month to get it done (October 26 is widely considered to be the release date, though it’s obviously not yet official), but perhaps that’s unrealistic? Presumably you’ve got a beta version of Word 2011, so is there any sense of when you’ll be releasing a patch?

If you contact us using the Support Form, we can make arrangements to obtain the library from you:

Jason Berman
Customer Technical Support Representative

Healthcare & Science

Thomson  Reuters

+1 800 336 4474

ResearchSoft Product Support

I have the exact same problem – crashes every time after updating pdf index. Haven’t tried removing X3, since at least that is working and I need to use it. Waiting for a fix from Thomson.

     The only way I could solve the crashing problem was by dividing my bigger libraries (the ones that were causing the problem) in smaller ones (100 papers or so), using Endnote X3 (had to reinstall it) and then saving as new libraries that I was able to put back together in Endnote X4. A lot of pain to solve something that is really basic, the software was supposed to work and to be compatible with Endnote X3 libraries but, in my case, it wasn’t.

     I’ve tried to get help from the support at Thomson Reuters, they asked for a few files from my MAc, but they couldn’t provide a reasonable solution. I had to figure it out by myself.

     I’ve been a loyal customer of Endnote for a while now, upgrading to every new version. This is why I’m very disappointed with the level of support we are getting from TR. I was following the Office 2011 for Mac incompatibility issue in another thread, and Thomson is promising a free upgrade that will solve this only in the first quarter of 2011!!!

    It is really frustrating when this kind of thing happens.

Best regards,

Reinaldo C. Bazito

I have the exact same problem, crashes every time after updating pdf index. My previous library contains about 60.000 references, so I won’t divide it 100 by 100, even if this soluce could worked. When I bought this new version, I hoped that it will work better, and it doesn’t… most of all, it is unusefull !!!.. what a shame for a so expansive software… :angry:

Exactly the same problem here. Just upgraded to X4 on a Mac running OSX 10.6.5. Every time I try to open my main library I get the “Updating PDF Index…” message and then X4 quits. Completely unusable!

The number of people reporting this issue suggests that it’s a bug in the software.

Thomson - we *really* need a fix for this *now*

It’s not an enjoyable solution, but I broke my library into 100-piece segments and then tried moving them into X4.  It turned out that out of 600 PDF attachments, 3 of the links had gotten broken, and this prevented the whole conversion from working.  It definitely needs to be patched, but this is a (time-consuming) work-around.

Here is the solution

It is not the complete solution.  Deleting folder is just one way to open the endnote and start using it.  But it looses all the information about group (reference).  You have to make group again which is frustrating.  Hope endnote guys fix it as soon as possible.

Hi, Just upgraded to Mac OX 10.6 and Office 2011 and thought I’d update endnote to X4 too. But I have the same problem of crashing on start up repeatedly after X4 starts off one time with indexing PDFs. It is the case both for my Mac Book and my iMac 8.1… Repeatedly reinstalled after deleting.

I do have a large .enl file which I will not be able to send. I will revert back to X3 but this is not the kind of quality I want from an academic piece of software!

If this doesn’t change soon I will perhaps want to advise my University’s IT department to look for alternatives for the whole university.


You need to install an update for Word 2011 compatibility - available here - - as a pre-release.

The full X4.02 update [including many other fixes and features] should be publicly available by next week.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team