Three middle initials?

I have the following Author list:

Newman, J.A.

Anand, M.

Henry, H.A.L.

Hunt, S.

Gedalof, Z.

This gets formatted as:

Newman, J.A., Anand, M., Henry, H.a.L., Hunt, S. and Gedalof, Z.

How can I fix this so I get:

Newman, J.A., Anand, M., Henry, H.A.L., Hunt, S. and Gedalof, Z. 

(underline just for emphasis)

Thanks in advance!

I should have said … I’m using a Mac, and version X7.7 build 11722.

I’m assuming each author is listed on a separate line in the Author field of the Endnote record. I’m running Endnote 7.7 with Windows 10 and the three initials appear capitalized so unclear if this may be a Mac-related issue. Suggest you contact tech support in the interim try using the “Change Case” feature to see if this helps to retain the capitalization of H. A. L. (Go to the Endnote toolbar and select Edit >Preferences >Change Case.)

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Yes, the names are entered on separate lines.  I’ll try tech support.  Thanks.

You need to put spaces between the initials.  I don’t know of an output style that uses initials with periods without spaces?  

Hi Leanne,

It’s an option under the output styles to use A. B., A.B. A B, or AB.  I don’t think that’s the problem.  The library has 100s of entries and all display fine except for the one with three middle initials …

That is fine, but you need to separate them in the record itself.  Each should be separated by a space or endnote thinks that they are a word.  At least try it?  

Tech support provided this solution and it worked.  Thanks everyone.

"If the author names are already entered in the correct format, we can edit the output style to resolve the issue. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Open EndNote, click on Edit menu > Output styles > Open Style manager 
  2. Select the style you are using and click on Edit. 
  3. Then go to “Author Name” under “Bibliography”. 
  4. In the “Capitalization” field please select the option as “As Is” 
  5. Now click on click on File > Save As and save the style in the name you want."