To change round bracket to square bracket in van


I use Endnote X7.7.1 version. I urgently need assistance on how to convert the round bracket to square bracket in vancouver in order to make a publication. The assistance I got via google was not precise and user friendly.

Thanks for the anticipated help.


In EndNote Go to Edit > Output Styles > Open Style Manager and pick the style you are using check the style and then click Edit. You would then go to Citations > Templates > here you will see the text Bibliography Number twice. You only need to change the one under Citation from (Bibliography Number) to [Bibliography Number] > In EndNote File > Save As to save the changes (EndNote  will not allow you to change the existing style in EndNote but will always apply the change to a copy of the style) Click Save to save the changes to a copy of the style > close the style window.

You can use the following steps from our website to switch styles in your Word document:

If these steps do not work or you need additional help:

Please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1


Dear TMartin

I’ve got the same question as above, but with the difference that I am using the EndNote CiteWhileYouWrite Plug-In because I only have the online access to EndNote. I am working with Word 2011 on a Macintosh. 

Under “Tools” I can find “Endnote” -> “Configure Bibliography”. But here I can not find any “(Bibliographic Number)” that I can change to square brackets, neither do I find the path “Citations” -> “Templates”. 

Do you know a way how this could be possible with the CiteWhileYouWrite Plug-In?



In EndNote online the output styles are not editable by a user.

If you are linked to a University subscription for EndNote online:

The local EndNote online Administrators have the ability to update Styles for their site if EndNote online access is provided by Web of Science. If you have EndNote online access through your institution, you can contact your local Administrator to update existing Styles or upload new Styles.

Your EndNote online Administrator should be able to upload the output style following the instructions below,

Dear Tony, 

I stumbled across this old thread now that I recently encountered the exact same problem. However when I have made edits to the Vancouver style (inserting square brackets) and used File > Save as > ‘Vancouver Copy’, I cannot find the new style (‘Vancouver Copy’) in the Style Manager or in Word. Where have I gone wrong?

Kind regards,