how to change the parentheses to square brackets in ENDnote

how to manually change the parentheses to square brackets ENDnote. I have already tried :

Edite> Output Styles > Style Manager > Citation Templates > then adding square brackets, but it does not change , closed the word file , reopen it again , nothing chages …

(FYI, this wasn’t the right place to post endnote questions.  It might languish a long time before one of us stumbled across it.  Next time go back to Community above and pick and Endnote forum, but a friendly moderator has now moved this to Endnote Styles…) 

Once you edit an output style you need to save it to a new name?  Then you need to make sure that newly named output style is the one being used in the document.  So you need to change it on the Word Endnote ribbon, then update citations and bibliography (PC version) – changing it to the new output style in Endnote doesn’t affect the document.  

if you use endnote since begin your paper, you just need change the style output di Endnote.

There is the choice of style output under the ‘References’ toolbar…

choose ‘Select Another Style’…

one of style with square bracket is ‘Adv Drug Delivery Rev’

it use  square bracket  in the text and in the biblyography list.