HELP: How to change Vancouver in text citations and reference list

Hi there I am currently using Endnote version x7.7.1 and Microsoft word 2011. 

My issue is that the Vancouver citation in microsoft word is for eg (1) round box 

But what I need for my paper is for eg [1] square box.

Can somebody please advice me how i can change from (1) to [1] in my in text citation as well as reference list?

Attached is a screenshot for reference. 

In EndNote Go to Edit > Output Styles > Open Style Manager and pick the style you are using check the style and then click Edit. You would then go to Citations > Templates >  around the text  you would remove the ( ) and then add []  so you would end up with [Bibliography Number] > next go to Bibliography and Layout > you would see Bibliography Number. and you would first remove the period then add the [] so you would end up with [Bibliography Number]

In EndNote go to  File > Save As (EndNote will not allow you to change the existing style in EndNote but will always apply the change to a copy of the style)  to save the changes.

You would then use the custom style in EndNote.

Thank you so much TMartin !! it worked!!

I am glad that I was able to help.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.