too many references...where have they come from? PART TWO....

Thank you for your response, i have now realised i have 15 references that i have copied and pasted over from an old endnote library. SO that sorts that out.

However, the numbers do not add up. For some reason endnote is generating repeats of references that i have used. For example Padwa 2001,12,1698-1699 is number 143 and 156 in the word-generated library. But in my endnote library i only have one Padwa 2001,12,1698-1699. I would understand if there were two copies of the same reference in my endnote library but there aren’t!

this is doing my head in and im totally panicked now because i think im going to have go through my whole 400 page thesis and check each reference again. When i tried to find the repeats in the thesis document i pressed CTRL-Find and it found ref 143 but when i changed it, it obviously changed the subsequent references and i cant keep track of anything.

Does this make sense…please, someone help me. im totally panicked.