too many references...where have they come from?

I am currently writing my thesis and in the library i use i have 134 references. Now when i format my libraryu in word i end up with 158 references, When i look through the list generated in word, i have a few repeats and few that aren’t even in my libary but are in a old/different version of the thesis library.

How do i rectify this? is it a case of going though all the reference and picking out the odd ones and updating my enednote library?

any help right now woulf be thoroughyl appreciated!!!


As Endnote remembers the references in the traveling library even if you don’t have them available in the current library, I suspect you have used them somewhere.  To find out where, the easiest thing is to make a copy (always keep a copy!) and then unformat and reformat the thesis.  Any refs not in the current library will trigger a match lookup. Then you can replace them with the ref in the current library (if a duplicate) or put the reference in your current library, if you need it, or skip it and go back and delete it, if it is really unnecessary. After this, you should turn CWYW back on from the format bibliography dialog (third tab).

Thank you for your response, i ahve now realised i have 15 references that i have copied and pasted over from an old endnote library. SO that sorts that out.

However, the numbers do not add up. For some reason endnote is generating repeats of references that i have used. For example Padwa 2001,12,1698-1699 is number 143 and 156 in the word-generated library. But in my endnote library i only have one Padwa 2001,12,1698-1699. I would understand if there were two copies of the same reference in my endnote library but there aren’t!

this is doing my head in and im totally panicked now because i think im going to have go through my whole 400 page thesis and check each reference again. When i tried to find the repeats in the thesis document i pressed CTRL-Find and it found ref 143 but when i changed it, it obviously changed the sunsequent references and i cant keep track of anything.

Does this make sense…please, someone help me. im totally panicked.

I repeat, unformat the paper and reformat - you will find the repeats which won’t match your library.  You may have to save the thesis (new name) and then reopen to ensure the travelling library is erased.

Clairey i feel your pain!

I too am having difficulty with my thesis. I am using endnote 9 with windows vista and office 2007.

The references i have added don’t seem to be tallying with the papers i have cited. I think i have a similar problem. I’m sure its citing papers i have’nt included in the text yet but are in my library.

I might have accidentally referenced from and old library from which i have been copy and pasting refernces to a new library.

When you say unformat and reforrmat the paper what do you mean exactly. I am a bit of an endnote dummy.

Any help with this would be truly appreciated as i too fear re checking and re entering all my references which could takes weeks. Such tasks i hoiped to avoid by using Endnote.

Please help!


Further to this i think i unformatted the paper. On looking at the references now in curly brackets the authors name and year do not tie up with the papers i originately cited.

I did change the an author’s name in the library a or two ago. Could this be affecting things.

I fear my thesis is doomed.

Oh no! i think you are in the exact same boat as me! i too am a total dummy! Im also using vista and my computer at work wasnt!

Ok, so i think i have just sorted the dilema with the help from Leanne! My problem was this:

  1. i had copied and pasted old references (you know the ones that are from foreign journals that take ages to find) straight from my first year report endnote library. i had a total of 15 i copied over, so when i formatted the library in word i lost 15 references.

  2. Somehow i had referenced the same papers twice and when i looked in my bibliography i had two of the same ref. But my endnote library did not had two of the same.

OK, so after i freaked out (just like you, the thought of putting them all in again and maybe losing some and accidently plagarising totally and utterly…well lets face it, i almost packed it all in!)

As leanne said, what you need to do:

  1. save a copy of your thesis on your desktop separate from everything.

  2. open your endnote library

  3. Unformat the bibliography in your thesis. on your endnote tool bar hover over the buttons andit will say unformat (it looks like an arrow coming OUT of a box)

  4. then reformat bibliography (it looks like 1,2,3 on the button).

  5. wait for it to do its thing.

  6. Now if you have any repeats of the same reference, a box will appear and just press insert to all of them

  7. If you have old copied over references you have to press ignore, and these WILL NOT FORMAT, and will stay in brackets like this {blah blah blah,2009,***edit***ty-endnote,vol12,pg568}

  8. you need to go back and insert them into endnote the correct way, through the website etc.

Remember whenever you make any changes to your endnote lib, unformat your thesis and then format again, i think thats where i went wrong and generated repeats…maybe.

does this make sence? i have spent two emotional days doing this and i think im ok now??!

Editing a reference in the library only “unlinks” it from your citations in the paper, if you change the first author’s name or the year.  Those two need to match along with the record number. 

Hi Clairey and Leanne

Thanks for the help so far and i’m glad you’re on track clairey.

I too made the error of using my 1st year report library but enough of that.

I seem to be able to do the whole unformat reformat thing and can probably get over the two library conflict however i still have problems:

  1. The author name i changed was the sole author of a book so this may cause a problem. I think  i can get round this though.

  2. I now think my main problem has arisen from attempting to add a reference to equations i have entered into my text using word’s equation editor. When i tried entering a citation next to the box i got error meaageses ERROR!bookmark not defined. The cursor would then jump to the bibliography. Pressing the undo button seemed to do strange things. Eventuallly i managed to fudge it and the citation would jump into the equation box. I think this has caused all my citations to shift as the [2] types citation thing cannot be edited (or removed) by right clicking as usual. I think these citaitons are in someway being skipped and their details being attached to the next citation in the text. I have numerous equations referenced in such a way throughout the text. Each one in turn could be causing a problem I may have to bite the bullet and redo.

Any help on this would make my week!

Thanks again


I think, if you haven’t already, I think you are going to have to bite that bullet.  I suspect that you are correct, and that the two different kind of fields are being co-mingled. Once that happens, undoing is probably not going to work.   I would make sure they are quite separate and probably you should change the { } options for endnote to something else, as it looks like it is confusing (or words equation editor) is confusing and joining the two.  Also, you could try keeping CWYW off and making a copy before formating references to see if you can prevent the corruption. 

Good luck. 

Bullet has been bitten and i’m back on track and making sure i avoid the pitfalls!

Thanks anyway