Transfusion Medicine Reviews output style

Hi there,

I would like to have output style of journal ‘Transfusion Medicine Reviews’. I can’t seem to find it on the list of journals in endnote x6. Any suggestions?

this looks alot like a style based on Elsevier #3.   It seems very close to Acta Biomaterialia.  Download and open the file and Save As (in Endnote) to TransMedRev and then find that style and apply it in the endnote ribbon in Word.

Also remember to import a journal terms list into your library (or libraries) so abbreviations are correctly handled. 

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One easy way to quickly inspect installed styles to choose one is similar to the style you are looking for, is in endnote, to Edit> output styles, and chose “open style manual”.  There, click on the button “Style Info/Preview” and then just go down the list with the down arrow on the keyboard.   

Thank you Leanne! That was very helpful.