BioMed Research International format

I deseperately need an output style for BioMed Research International  

I can’t find it anywhere. Is this available somewhere or do you know any closely related style available I could use?

Thanks a lot!

A request for help like this to this user forum, would be best accompanied by the website for the publicaton and examples of the expected output and citation style.  Otherwise we need to do that leg-work.  Having said that, I did your legwork, and there isn’t alot of guidance on the website. (author guidelines)

So once I knew the publisher, I googled hindawi and endnote, and found that endnote has another hindawai publication style for the  JOURNAL OF NANOMATERIALS 

since the two “references” sections in the author guidelines, were essentially the same – I down loaded that style and looked and it appeared that the bibliography templates were also very similar to examples in papers published in BMRI, so it is attached, renamed BioMed Research International.ens

Open the attached file and save as, and you can remove the “copy” part of the name.  Change your output style in the word manuscript to point to this newly saved output style.  

BioMed Research International.ens (13.6 KB)

Thank you so much for your help.

I am sorry for not attaching the journal website and reference forum. 

I will remember your suggestion next time.

Thanks again.