trouble closing after editing style output in X1

I cannot seem to close the “edit style output” dialogue box after I make a few changes to the APA 5th output style. When I try to file, close, or “x out” of edit mode, the program is unresponsive. It gives me a “do you want to save changes before closing?” prompt, but when I click yes the edit function stays open and it doesn’t return to the main EndNote screen, so none of my edits can be saved.

Can anyone help?



This is usually a consequence of the style folder being read only, for example on a Vista machine.  You may want to move all (or some) of the styles to a folder outside of the “Programs” folder structure, into maybe My Documents, or some other place you keep your documents and perhaps library.  Then change your Endnote preferences Folder location to point to that new place.  With the advent of X2, this should part of the install, I think. 

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worked perfectly! thanks!