trouble editing output styles for footnotes

I’ve had a simple but stubborn problem for some time, and hope someone has a quick fix… I’m using EndNote 5 and can’t fine tune the output style for the footnotes in Turabian as I’d like to. For example, I have many book references where I have only the author and title fields filled. When it appears as a footnote, there is a space after in the book title in the reference, so when I insert the comma and page number after it, there is a space between the title and my comma. I’ve done the trial and error thing, to no avail.

If there isn’t a quick fix to this - and I’ve tinkered with it for a long time - is it possible to return to the default output styles of the same Turabian style?

I’m a bit nervous messing with it, since I’m coming to the end of a long dissertation and dealing with hundreds of crucial footnotes…

Thanks very much! Look forward to hearing from you.


Well I recommend that you ALWAYS save as to a new stylename when you are editing, but since it is probably too late for that, I believe that here you can download pre Endnote 8 styles still.  In fact here they are FOR VER 4-7.  Do not use these for EN8 or later!!!

Turabian Reference List.ens (14.2 KB)
Turabian Bibliography.ens (27.1 KB)

I’ve since upgraded to EndNote X3 on the Mac, but am having the same problem. Basically, the Turabian Bibliography style that I want to use has its footnote style like the bibliography, i.e., it includes a period at the end of the footnote citation. Since, of course, I want to replace this period with a comma - or better yet - simply insert my own comma, I’m trying to just eliminate the period. But when I do, I end up with a space at the end of the citation. For example, I’m left with Ibid. , (page number). Or: Citation , page number.

Is there any way to eliminate the period at the end of the footnote template without being left with a space at the end?


Addendum: I tried simply replacing the period with a comma, but now the Ibid. only appears with a comma, so when EndNote inserts Ibid. as a repeted citation, it appears like this: Ibid.,

Why is the footnote template for “book” and “journal article” affecting the repeated citations “Ibid.”?


These kind of issues have been discussed and remain  problematic.  See this thread for one such discussion and the thread it refers to.   

I know that the developers are very conscious of these problems and that they are working on fixing them. Fingers crossed.