Editing Output Style

I am trying to edit the Turabian style for book section as follows:

Author, “Title,” in Book Title|, ed. Editor|, trans. and ed., Translator|,  vol. Volume| (|City: Publisher, Year|; reprint, Reprint Edition|)|, Cited Pages|

When I insert the footnote in my paper, I am not getting anything after Editor – it goes directily to City.

Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.


[I’m assuming that the EndNote record does contain the information that’s gone missing in your footnore and that your template has the “link adjacent text” codes (the “dot”) although they’re not displayed in your example.]

Is  the “Format citations in footnote” setting set to: “Same as bibliography”.  [The “Format citations in footnote” setting  is located at the top of the Templates - see Image] 

FYI - the entire footnote reference does appear when tested in MS Word 2010, EndNote X4, and Windows 7 professional.

 A couple of thoughts.  First, I’m assuming that although the footnote is missing information (past the Editor field), the corresponding EndNote reference is complete (e.g., the Translator, Volume, City, etc. fields contain the information). 

Second, although your example did not include the “Link adjacent text” and treat as text symbols, these codes appear in your template as something like this (below).

Finally, if you want the footnote to appear like the bibliography, the “Format citations in footnotes” was set to: Same as bibliography.

Book Section template (in the footnote section)


Author, “Title,” in•Book Title|,•ed.•Editor|,•trans. and ed.,<font color="#ff0000">•Translator|,•vol.•Volume| (|City: Publisher, Year|;•reprint,•Reprint Edition|)|,•Cited Pages|.

• = Link adjacent text

` = Treat as text

Thank you very much.