Repeated citations in Turabian Bibliography style


I am using Turabian Bibliography as my output style and I have made some modifications to it. One of the modifications is that I removed the full-stops at the end of the footnote templates. This is because I often have to reference texts in footnotes in the middle of a sentence or in a list and it is not appropriate to have a full-stop after each one. Instead I manually type a full-stop after I insert the reference (not on the blue highlighted bit, just after that).

I am currently having a problem with repeated citations in footnotes though. I have selected to use a short form for repeated citations in footnotes (this should appear as Joyce, Portrait for example and then I want to add a full-stop afterwards). Now, a space is appearing after the title so there is a space before my manually added full-stop, which obviously isn’t acceptable. The space is in the blue highlighted bit, but when I look at the template I can’t see where the space is appearing. 

Can anyone help? I’m sorry if this is very incoherent, but I would be very, very grateful for any advice!

Please see this thread.  The developers are trying to address this quirk.

Thank you very much for that. How disappointing that there is no way to fix it though. Sadly, I must say I wouldn’t use EndNote if I was going back to the beginning of my PhD again; it’s just not suitable for Humanities work in its current state.

Just wondering if there is a solution to this problem yet?

Many thanks.