Urgent question: help needed: comma's and spaces in footnotes error

hi all, i would really apreciate your help on this one. 

I am using the chicago 15 /16a output styles for footnotes in a terribly large document with over 1000 footnotes. 

For some reason, whenever a book is mentioned the output style makes the following error: 

after the book title there should be a comma followed by a space and then pp. x-y. however, it does not create this comma and worse yet, it does not allow me to insert a comma. It automatically removes such a comma after the title thus forcing me to enter a space, then comma, space pp. x-y

in short it should be this: 

Arendt and Kohn, eds., Essays in Understanding 1930-1954: Formation, Exile, and Totalitarianism, pp. 368-391

but it forces me to do this

Arendt and Kohn, eds., Essays in Understanding 1930-1954: Formation, Exile, and Totalitarianism , pp. 368-391

The only way i have found to go about this is to convert the endnote fields to plain text, thus rendering the entire document “flat” and losing endnote functionality. Any ideas?? thanks so much for your help in advance!!! 

I assume you are just typing in your cited pages, but have you tried using the edit citation suffix to insert the additional text (at least in X5 that is a better option).  There you could use the suffix to insert the text or the Cited Pages exactly as you want them (,<space>pp. 32-33), but to use the cited pages “field” in edit citation interface, you would also need to adjust the footnote templates, as there is not a , pp. cited pages “out of the box” in the Chicago 16A style.  just  “comma space Cited Pages”.  You would want to add/replace the |,*Cited Pages|. with

|,*p.^pp.*Cited Pages|. 

(where the * are the “link adjacent” characters which look in reality like a tiny diamond shape in the templates and can be inserted from the insert field dropdown). 

in each of the book related templates (short and long form) including edited book, book, book section. 


How are you adding your cited pages?  When you insert the citation in the footnote, you should be right-clicking and selecting “Edit Citation” and “More”.  Then in the “Pages” line in the edit citation window you can add the pp. 368-391.  Don’t add the comma, since the formatter already knows it is supposed to be there.

The result should be the correct format with the comma after the title and the pp. 368-391 in the correct format.

Cheryl – The EndNote Team

Also, Please delete the other posting of this request.  Also are you using Endnote or Ref Manager, as this could be specific to the program and you have posted it three times, two in the Endnote forum, and one in the Ref Manager forum.  We all read all the program specific forums.  No need to triple post!

hi there, thanks for the info!!! 

I will delete the other posts. 

I am by no means an expert on Endnote use. I insert the footnotes by choosing  “insert citation”  and finding the appripriate reference. 

I’ll give your answer a try and see if it works. Many thanks for your help. David

hey there, I implemented the code you gave me and it works wonderfully. I greatly thank you for saving me a lot of work and headaches. 

May the blessings of a deity of your choice be upon you.