Trying to use endnote in book chapter when editors/publishers don't want you to

I am writing a book chapter in which the publishers instruct you to put in the references individually and not use Endnote or other reference programs.  Any way to use it and then format it at the end so they can’t tell (i.e. doesn’t screw up their formatting)?

Very easy. When you are sure you are all done with citing and your bibliography is complete just remove field codes (convert to plain text), . Creates a new document without EndNote stuff in it.

If you are using X1 or earlier see this FAQ first…

… and if you are feeling brave and wanting to be helpful to other EndNote users, you might like to suggest to the publisher that they change their instructions to accepting EndNote-derived documents provided field codes are removed.

It has worked for me once in the past (the publisher didn’t use EndNote themselves, and obviously the EndNote users submitting manuscripts didn’t know about remove field codes either).