Long text - different sections for references?


I have a long text with different chapters. I would like to have the bibliography of each chapter at the end of that chapter - how can I do that with endnote 8.0? My references are all in separate endnote folders, labeled according to the different chapters the text has.

Thank you all


Current EN doesn’t have a capacity to format parts of the document independently. There are so many similar requests by thesis writers (graduate students) and book writers, so I posted in “suggestion” board as a request.

Interim solution is to write each chapter separately, format each, and merge them into one document as a last step.

If you know that all references you need (and no extraneous references ar present) in the Endnote “folder” (which I assume by that you mean individual libraries) you can export each one and copy and paste them at the end of each chapter.  This also assumes you are using an Author-Date citation mechanism.  At the end of construction, you also turn CWYW off or unlink the Endnote fields and delete the mega list at the end.  But Myoshigi’s idea is probably the easiest, as it is less prone to error. 

Copy each chapter from the master document, format the chapter in a separate document, and paste it back to the master document? Yes, that’ll also work.

You know, even I requested “chapter formatting” feature, I am less hopeful Endnote developers will come up with this feature soon. For users, it seems an easy job, but for programmers, it could be a nightmare. Endnote needs to keep track which part of the document is formatted, which reference points to which record # in which chapter…and worst of all, Endnote needs to cooperate with MS Words visual basic language, and then backward compatibility.

I think book writers usually take care each chapter, and publishers then take over and take care of the rest. Maybe graduate students have more serious problems because advisors may demand single document for review.

Well, bottom line is, graduate students need to work harder…