identifying specific Endnote library used in old document -- need to add and delete Endnote references in word doc

I use Endnote X4 on a Mac with Snow Leopard.  At some point I created multiple libraries and I may have used both in a single document that has 215 notes at this point.  Both libraries, let’s call them A and B, seem to have been updated with new items (but not always the same items I fear) around the time I was finishing the document.  For example, Library A has an item added on July 29 and Aug 4th.  Library B has other items added on July 25th.  Both libraries refer to the same topic.  I believe I may have also deleted some items from one of the libraries, Library A.  I keep getting a message asking me if I want to empty the trash.  I keep replying no (cancel) because I want to replace the deleted items but don’t know how.  I can’t even find the trash location to do this. 

So I have a major problem.  I have to add some notes to the text and enter bibliographic references from one of these two libraries. I also have to delete some notes with references.  But I don’t know which library I should use.  I don’t know if all the items in one or the other or both libraries will match the Endnote refernces in my word document. 

Is there a way to compare all the references in one library with another?  Is there a way in Word (for Mac 2011) to find out which library was used?

I have a deadline for this so I’m hoping I can resolve this easily.  

Thanks in advance for any help.


Have you tried keeping both libraries open simultaneously while working? 

First, if the refs are already inserted into the manuscript, you don’t need the correct library as long as you don’t unfomat, they are embedded in the manuscript itself… The travelling library will provide the necessary information. 

Also, as CraxyGecko suggests, you can have both libraries open. 

Trash should be showing as a Group, so you should be able to retrieve the items easily. 

Finally, you can import one library into the other (especially if the two libraries were once eactly the same, and therefore have exact duplicates and then different additions and deletions.  Just make sure you save the first library to a new unique name (combined?) and the import settings are set to discard duplicates.  X4 and X5  are pretty good at finding the right link, even if the record numbers are not the same.